Objection Handling


In Insurance selling, it is part of the job of an Insurance Agent to hear the words, “No I am not interested or I already have an Insurance Policy”. These are client's basic defense mechanisms used to dissuade the agent from persevering with them. Some times the customers give vague excuses. The Agent cannot meekly accept the superficial excuses offered by the customer at face value. This course illustrates with examples and role plays, the types of objections that one may face with a prospective customer and provides solutions on how to address the objections and overcome road blocks.

The Learnings

The course's objective it to hand hold the agent to tackle the customer’s excuses with dignity and smartness. The course will ensure that the agent is ready to tackle the customer with ease. For every objection raised by the customer, agent will have a solution that the customer cannot refuse.

What outcome can the learner expect

The modules in this course coach the agent on how to empathise with the customer, when the objections are raised. The agent remains in two minds whether to get frustrated and drop the customer or whether he has to handle the objections. It teaches the agent to probe and comprehend the real reason for an objection.

The learner can expect excellent real life objections, raised by the customers and ways of handling them. The role play section of the course actually helps the agents view the objections almost live.


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