How to Keep Yourself Motivated


This module has been created to Support & Encourage Insurance Agents, as against getting Demotivated when a customer refuses to take a policy. It is scientifically created by giving instances and tips on how to stay motivated. The course also gives grooming tips to the agents to present themselves in a manner in which the customer gets impressed. It helps gain the required positive energy needed by an agent to handle the day’s pressures.

The Learnings

The outcome expected is that the agent will be a disciplined soldier, completely motivated to reach his goals, without getting dragged down by road blocks. It will inspire the agent to achieve higher performance. It will convert the average performer into a classic high achiever. The modules are designed to showcase inspirational stories, give effective tips and discourage negative self talk, all which go about making the agent robust and mentally fit to take on the challenges in selling .

What outcome can the learner expect

The learner will get a great lesson on self motivation while selling insurance. The motivated person is always a high achiever and is only bothered about the results. Such an approach will create a team of high achievers in the sector.


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