Developing Leadership Style


Want to know all the details? Prefer to oversee? Like to be involved? Everyone has a different style, whether in dress and music or in leadership. In this course you will learn to identify your personal leadership style and how to incorporate your style into any role through the use of application exercises and a rich multimedia process. Knowing your style will allow you to be more effective in choosing team members, managing up or down, and in getting your own work done.

Here are seven factors to consider when deciding which leadership style to employ.

  1. Time involved and deadlines
  2. Experience and knowledge level of employees
  3. Your experience and knowledge level pertaining to the task
  4. Internal conflicts and stress levels
  5. Relationship base: built on trust, disrespectful, synergistic, antagonistic?
  6. Established procedures or laws
  7. Who has the pertinent information

At the end of the course is a test to check your understanding.

You must pass the test with 80% score.

Don’t worry, if you don’t pass the test the first time, you can review the course and try again.

This course should take you about 60 minutes to complete.


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