Art of Selling Insurance


This course coaches Insurance Agents to perform better by fine tuning their selling skills. The Module helps the Agent to use contemperory methods to Prospect a Client. This module gets in-depth on how to plan one’s sales pitch in an organised manner. A lot of emphasis is placed on the communication and the presentation skills needed to impress a client, the closure techniques needed, with emphasis on providing solutions to the seller. The entire training is in Hinglish for easy understanding.

What Knowledge does the course aim to provide

The course aims to convert a caterpillar into a butterfly. It will give deep insights to the agent on how to handle the customer with ease and provide innovative thoughts to acquire customers. It will enable the agent to handle a customer professionally and provide high levels of satisfaction. The agent will become a good planner and will know how to acquire the customers easily.

What outcome can the learner expect

The learner can go through experiential learning at his convenience. The agent will have an easy understanding of selling skills required by him. The learner can expect to polish his communication skills and will get tips on how to be well groomed . Though there is no set way to handle the customer, the course provides insights and strategies to be adopted to deal with the prospective and existing customers.


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