8 Keys to a More Respectful Workplace


To become effective team players, employees from different backgrounds need to respect diversity in the workplace. This short course goes beyond simple tolerance to championing diversity within an organization. Understanding the difference between tolerating diversity and championing diversity is the key to a respectful workplace that enables the success of both employees and the company's bottom line. This inclusive approach is what today's companies require to capitalize on how we work with each other and our customers and clients. For creative thinking and outside the box solutions to our clients' needs, modern companies benefit from teams of diverse people who play well with others, and by championing diversity we can all succeed together. Complete the course quiz at the end with a score of 80 percent or higher and receive a certificate of completion.

  • Identify the difference between tolerating diversity and championing it
  • Recognize the necessity of championing diversity to foster creative, outside-the-box thinking
  • Analyze how each individual is an example of diversity and how we all deserve respect
  • Examine the importance of trust and respect in today's diverse workplace

In this course we will cover these topics.

  1. Cooperation and Teamwork
  2. Inclusive Leadership
  3. Leadership
  4. Building Diverse Teams

This course should take you about 12 minutes to complete.


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